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Dedication. Expertise. Passion. 


Deaf Inspire, LLC is a deaf woman and disability owned business. This business was formed to provide Mental Health Services and Leadership/Empowerment for the Wisconsin Deaf Community. 


Deaf Inspire has a strong belief in creating an environment that is inspirational. Each individual has their own inspiration. Our core purpose is to help individuals identify their inspirations and to maximize their experiences. This knowledge will lead to personal growth and healthy well-being.  


Who We Are

At Deaf Inspire, LLC, we are dedicated to helping deaf individuals and their families navigate through the challenges of mental health. Our team has over 20 plus years of experience in the field and we are Deaf Centered, Trauma Informed Care certified, and well versed in various therapeutic modalities. We provide both tele-health and home based services, are experienced presenters and trainers, and are committed to being a leader in the Deaf community. Our mission is to empower and support those we work with to find the strength and inspiration to move forward on their journey.

A blonde female  smiling, wearing black polo shirt with Deaf Inspire logo

Visual Description:  A white female with blonde hair in bun, wearing navy blue polo shirt. 

Video transcript: Hello I'm Katy Schmidt Hagmeyer,  Owner of Deaf Inspire, LLC.  My Education background:  BSW from Rochester Institute of Technology and MSW from University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.  In addition to my strong educational experience, I have over 20 years of experience in Mental Health sector, ranging from in patient residential program to outpatient neuropsychology clinic.  I work with wide range of ages, ranging from babies all the way up to elderly.  I am also comfortable working with various populations and issues.  


I have established this business with three core aspect.  The first one is Clinical Services which is Direct Service, including Therapy, Evaluation and Assessment for deaf individuals.  The second aspect is Community Based Services, which includes the new Deaf Plus Program, and more programs that are forthcoming in the future. The last aspect is Consulting and Training.   For that, I do provide consultation  through  one on one, group or presenting to a large audience.  Sometimes I will do this alone, however I often will bring in individuals who are subject expert to team with me. 

It is Deaf Inspire's core value that we are team of experts knowledgeable in deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind issues to be able to offer you top quality services. I look forward to working and meeting with you!  

Thank you. 

Katy Schmidt Hagmeyer
Her, Hers, She

CEO/Clinical Director

White female with short brown hair, wearing glasses, and wearing black shirt with deaf inspire logo

Visual Description: A female with short brown hair, wearing glasses and black shirt with Deaf Inspire logo. 

Transcript: Hello this is Lisa Demmon, Your. new Community Program Coordinator.   I wanted to share my past experience: I worked in New York at two different independence Living Center serving in multiple roles including Job Coach, Deaf Services Coordinator, Reshab Instructor, and Deaf Companion Coordinator. 

When I did Job coaching, I helped place Deaf Plus clients into a job and provided support.  With Deaf Services, I provided information and resources including SSI, SSDI, Insurance. I also provided support related with Court and Domestic Violence. 

Reshab Insturctor- I assisted clients with their monthly budget, menu and shopping list, bus transportation, and finding social opportunities.

I hope you can help join or support Deaf Plus Program. I look forward to working with you all! 

Thank you! 

Lisa Demmon, BS
Her, Hers, She 


Community Program Coordinator 

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